Bharatanatyam is an artistic yoga for revealing the spiritual though the corporeal. It is the most widely practiced Indian classical dances in south India and has its origin in Tamil Nadu. It is the most ancient of all the classical dance forms in India, which are based on Natya Shastra. The term Bharata Natya was introduced in the mid thirties and is derived from the four syllables, Bhava (expression), Raga (music), Taala (rhythm) and Natyam (dramatic art).


Mohiniyattam is a distinctive classical dance form of Kerala contains elements of Bharata Natyam as well as folk dances of the State. Slow, graceful, swaying movements of the body and the limbs and highly emotive eyes and hand gestures are unique to this dance form.


Kuchipudi is a classical dance form of Andhra Pradesh. Tarangam is one of the well-known styles, wherein the dancer stands on the rim of a brass plate and interweaves several rhythmic variations. This is to show the prowess of the dancer over rhythm.

Folk Dance

Folk Dance is an attractive dance form where the traditional life of village people is exhibited.

आंगिकम् भुवनम् यस्य वाचिकम् सर्व वांग्मयम् आहार्यम् चंद्र तारादि तम् वंदे सात्विकम् शिवम् तम् वंदे सात्विकम् शिवम् ॥



Natya Nilayam was established in 1983 by Natya Guru and founder director of this school Natyacharya Sri Balakrishna Manjeshwar for the younger generation of Manjeshwaram area; a village in Kasaragod district of Kerala State. Since then, there is no turning back for this school. Soon the name spread across Karnataka and Kerala states and has become one of the prominent dance institutions. Now the school gives Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam, semi-classical and folk dance training in different places through its branches and performing dance programs at various places.

The main aim of the school is to safeguard the ancient art of dance and transfer it to the younger generation. Several medals and recognitions have been won by the students of this school in the conducted at the various State level and National level dance competitions. Many students are getting Karnataka State cultural scholarships; CCERT scholarships etc. Dancers from this school have given programs during Dasarotsava and Keralotsava. Over 3000 programs have been performed around Kerala, Karnataka and Delhi states. 100% results have been obtained in Vidwath, Senior, and Junior grade examination conducted by KSSE Board, Gov. of Karnataka.

Natyaguru Balakrishna Manjeshwara

Natyaguru Balakrishna Manjeshwara

Founder, Dance Director

Natyacharya Sri Balakrishna Manjeshwar studied Bharatha Natyam under the famous Natya Guru Kala Tapasvi Natyacharya Ullala Mohan Kumar. Subsequently; he studied Mohiniyattam from Kalamandalam Smt. Vimaladevi of Kerala and Kuchupudi from dancer Vidwan Hanumantha Rao of Andhra Pradesh. By the gurus blessings he started ‘Natya Nilayam’ at Manjeshwar in 1983.He received ‘Kala tapasvi’ award in 1992 from Sandhya Sangama; Kumble. He has also been bestowed with “Kala Sindu” by Bharathiya Nruthykala Parishad; Mysore in the year 2004.Received ‘Rashtra kavi Govinda Pai Kala Academy Puraskara’in the year 2006. He has a dubious distinction of training several students and transforming them into class dancers.

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